The State of the Art needs to be regularly updated and has an impact on important processes in the life cycle of a Medical Device, such as Risk Management, Clinical Evaluation and Post-Market Surveillance. During the State of the Art Evaluation safety and performance parameters and acceptance thresholds are established.


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Do you want to know if your Device is in line with the State of the Art?


What are your devices’ performance and safety parameters based on the State of the Art?

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What are similar products and medical alternatives to your device and what is there safety and performance profile?


The State of the Art Evaluation is essential for established products as well as for products under development. It identifies risks and benefits of similar devices and medical alternatives. The State of the Art Evaluation provides input for the Risk Management, for PMS and is the basis for the Clinical Evaluation. A strong State of the Art Evaluation is the foundation of a successful CE certification.


Depending on your needs, the State of the Art Evaluation can be part of our Clinical Evaluation activities or performed separately.


Projekt Kick-off

Together we define the objectives of the State of the Art Evaluation. We ensure that timelines are met and the evaluation is completed within your deadlines. The State of the Art Evaluation is performed in close connection with the other activities (Clinical Evaluation, Clinical Investigation, Risk Management).


Data identification

We identify all data relevant for the State of the Art, including the medical field of your Device and associated risks, alternative treatment options and data from similar Devices to derive safety and performance outcome parameters. We fully document our database searches.


Data analysis

The collected data is evaluated with regard to relevant safety and performance parameters. For this purpose, data from similar Medical Devices and existing alternative treatment or diagnostic options are scrutinized.


Determination of the parameters

Based on the analyzed data, parameters for the evaluation of your Medical Device will be established. If the data are solid, these can be quantitative and serve as a benchmark for your product. The determination of parameters will help to determine endpoints to be investigated and risk acceptance thresholds to be set.


State of the Art Evaluation (SotA)

Depending on your processes, the comprehensive State of the Art Evaluation serves as input to your Clinical Evaluation Plan (CEP), Risk Management file, or study design rationale for your Clinical Trial.


Further development of the state of the art

The State of the Art Evaluation is dynamic and constantly evolving. Therefore, continuous monitoring of the relevant data is necessary to provide regular up-to-date input to ensure your product remains safe and efficient throughout its complete lifecycle.

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Regular CER Updates

Depending on the classification of your Device, a regular update of the clinical evaluation is necessary: annually for implants and class III devices, or every 1-5 years for other medical devices. We can help you to perform an efficient update of your Clinical Evaluation documentation.


GAP Analysis

Before submitting your application to a Notified Body let us perform a complete GAP analysis of your Clinical Evaluation. We will used an evaluation template based on MDCG 2020-13, similar to Notified Bodies.


CRO procurement

Does your clinical evaluation report conclude that it is necessary to obtain clinical data, to perform clinical investigations or PMCF studies?