By helping numerous medical device manufacturers introduce safe and innovative products through our work, the ultimate goal is to always keep the well-being of the patient in mind. But we also care about helping those who need direct assistance.


What is important to PRO-LIANCE

Keeping the patient’s well-being in focus in our work


Support future-oriented projects and thus contribute to change


Direct help through social commitment

To pursue continuity and sustainability through our commitment


Make a contribution to our environment by saving resources


Consciously supporting local and international charities


Münster Tafel e. V. -
helping on your own doorstep.

The commitment of the volunteers of Münster Tafel e. V. makes it possible to provide very concrete support to people in difficult circumstances by rescuing perfectly good food.  Münster Tafel e. V. not only receives extensive food donations from retailers, but also financial support from companies, organizations and many private donors.

Although the Tafel is known to exist in many cities, we are starting our commitment this year in Münster, the base location of PRO-LIANCE.

Africa Greentec -
Self-determination through sustainable energy solutions.

Africa GreenTec AG (founded in 2016) is a social enterprise that builds island grids as a primary power supply, especially in remote, rural regions in Africa. The goal is to help local people achieve more self-determination and growth through solar power plants. The concept is complemented by holistic hubs where cold storage, water purification and internet are provided.

In our search for an international project, Africa Greentec AG convinced us with its focus on resource conservation and sustainability.



What motivates our employees in their daily work